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How to Choose Art for Your Home

Here are some more tips how to choose art for your home.

Knowing how to decorate with wall art will give you confidence to create a unique personal display. Here are some simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to choose new paintings, prints or photography for your home. The well-styled, welcoming home is one that is full of art in each and every room. No matter how gorgeous the furnishings, a room with bare walls often feels incomplete.

How to Choose Art for Your Home


1. Find a piece that will make you happy

Perhaps most importantly, a home should represent its owner, so one shouldn’t be too driven by trends.

2. Use original arts for important spots

There are some important places in your home and you want to share it with others. You could use original wall art over a fireplace, in an entry hall, in a dining room, etc.

3. Cheer up your home

wall gallery art

How to cheer up your bedroom, children’s playroom, or hallway?
Add some prints or photography, or a fantastic poster art on your wall.

4. Consider the style of your home

While choosing artwork for your home, you should also consider the style of your home. Consider the colors in your current decor. Are they complementary or conflicting?

If you are redecorating, is the art going to add a dramatic element? If it is, consider buying an art piece in a contrasting color. For example, an orange painting would look great in a blue room, and you can extend the same color scheme throughout your home.

5. Treat your walls as an extension of your personal tastes

Once you know the style you’d like, you can narrow down the choices. Artwork will dramatically change the look of your home and will be a focal point.

6. Mix and match

Art doesn’t have to match your room, you can be eclectic.

Traditional rooms can take modern art, and modern rooms can take older-style paintings.

Often it is better to mix it up.

7. Go slow with Gallery walls

Gallery walls are a great way of working with artworks of different sizes, colors, and styles.

Plan it in advance, taking as much time as you need.

In order to hang a gallery wall correctly, one must lay it out.

It is a considered strategy that must always be carefully thought through.

Hope tips we share today will help you choose your ideal art for your home

How to Decorate With Wall Art

This article is about How to decorate with wall art. Don’t know what to do with a blank wall in your home or office?

This is the third post about styling your home with art.

1. Decorate With Wall Art to Make Your Space Yours

Wall art can be anything.

how to decorate with wall art

It can be abstract painting or family photo, drawn illustration or stylized watercolor painting from photo. It can be memorable posters, interesting prints, photos with a heartfelt moment captured. It’s the art and your own personal items that make your space reflect you and your personality.

2. How to decorate with wall art? Show art objects that you love

Art isn’t just something that’s framed and hung on a wall.
Anything that has a funny story behind like a special souvenir brought from your recent trip or a photo gift from your friends can be used as your home decoration. If you love it then it is art and that’s how you begin to style your home.

3. Most Common Places for a Wall Art

Usually paintings, prints, photos are placed over the couch, sofa, bed. It also makes sense to hang it over the fireplace or a table, on the dining room wall, along a staircase wall.

wall art decoration

4. Create Balance

For artwork above a couch or a table it should be about two-thirds the total width of the group of objects below. That way the visual weight of the art is balanced by the furniture.
The two-thirds rule will make both the artwork and the furniture below look and feel connected

By following main rules from Wall Art Size Guide you just can’t go wrong. Everything you hang on your walls will look just right.

5. Play Around with asymmetry

What if you don’t have artwork that would span that distance or maybe you just want something a little less predictable? Locating artwork off to one side is a great way to add a dynamic twist to artwork over furniture. In this case asymmetry is your friend.

interior asymmetry

Placing a series of art pieces off to one side is definitely trickier than just finding something that fits centered over top of the furniture. The most important thing about this kind of configuration is still the same balance and connection.

Asymmetry is great when you have an architectural element behind your furniture and it doesn’t allow for one large piece centered. One small wall art piece can make a big impact. Asymmetry can be exciting and dynamic. So play around. Move your hanging art over to the left or to the right and forget the 2/3 rule.

6. Try to Decorate with A Gallery Art Wall

Grouping special pieces together is a great way to display art and to tell a story.

Wall Art Gallery


7. Unexpected Places Are Perfect Spots For Wall Art

One of the ways to make your home full of interesting art is to place art in unexpected locations.

8. Don’t Stick With One Style

Always display art that you love not only because it looks great with your interior. It doesn’t matter what color it is, what genre it is, or anything like that.
The subject and style of the art should be its own thing. It doesn’t have to be modern if you have a modern space, or to be traditional in a traditional space. You can use colors not the same family as your color scheme.

9. Enjoy the process

That is how to decorate with wall art and be playful and add a little humor in decoration process. It’s still about making your space really yours and the basic rules to hanging art where you instantly create balance, unity and impact in a space.