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How to Choose Art for Your Home

Here are some more tips how to choose art for your home.

Knowing how to decorate with wall art will give you confidence to create a unique personal display. Here are some simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to choose new paintings, prints or photography for your home. The well-styled, welcoming home is one that is full of art in each and every room. No matter how gorgeous the furnishings, a room with bare walls often feels incomplete.

How to Choose Art for Your Home


1. Find a piece that will make you happy

Perhaps most importantly, a home should represent its owner, so one shouldn’t be too driven by trends.

2. Use original arts for important spots

There are some important places in your home and you want to share it with others. You could use original wall art over a fireplace, in an entry hall, in a dining room, etc.

3. Cheer up your home

wall gallery art

How to cheer up your bedroom, children’s playroom, or hallway?
Add some prints or photography, or a fantastic poster art on your wall.

4. Consider the style of your home

While choosing artwork for your home, you should also consider the style of your home. Consider the colors in your current decor. Are they complementary or conflicting?

If you are redecorating, is the art going to add a dramatic element? If it is, consider buying an art piece in a contrasting color. For example, an orange painting would look great in a blue room, and you can extend the same color scheme throughout your home.

5. Treat your walls as an extension of your personal tastes

Once you know the style you’d like, you can narrow down the choices. Artwork will dramatically change the look of your home and will be a focal point.

6. Mix and match

Art doesn’t have to match your room, you can be eclectic.

Traditional rooms can take modern art, and modern rooms can take older-style paintings.

Often it is better to mix it up.

7. Go slow with Gallery walls

Gallery walls are a great way of working with artworks of different sizes, colors, and styles.

Plan it in advance, taking as much time as you need.

In order to hang a gallery wall correctly, one must lay it out.

It is a considered strategy that must always be carefully thought through.

Hope tips we share today will help you choose your ideal art for your home

Watercolor Painting Print – Reasons to Present a Wall Art

Watercolor Painting Print is a great gift if you are hopeless romantics and I still enjoy finding perfect romantic gifts for loved ones.

Watercolor or Oil Paintings could be printed on various bases: canvas, paper, wood, etc. Have you ever bought art as a gift for somebody?

Here we found a few reasons to Present Watercolor Painting Print Art

1. Art is a unique and personal gift

First of all art is a unique and personal gift. Purchasing an artwork you will be sure that it’s the only kind of creation in the world that this person has.

2. Watercolor or Oil Painting Printed Art is a mindful gift

The second reason to buy art as a gift is how it is filled with emotions. It shows all your thoughtfulness.

You have to find the neat idea of painting that will be liked. It could be portrait, landscape, or abstract painting. Even if he or she would not buy it for himself, the wall art bring joy and good emotions to the people who are important to you every day.

3. Make stylish sensitive painting from photo easily

All you need is to send the photo you think a receiver of the gift would like to the designer. It could take up to 24 hours to makeup a great watercolor or oil painting from you photo.

Watercolor Painting Print

4. You could pick up a suitable painting for any room it would be placed in

Just choose a painting or art print that would complement the room and space it would be placed in.

5. Printed Painting Art is not so expensive

Art is the ideal gift for any budgets because of the vast array of possibilities it gives.

How expensive or in-expensive the painting or art print will be must not play a major role when you pick it up. Painting is an emotional purchase usually. Small paintings or art prints could touch the right points in the soul. Just gift the art you think will bring joy and pleasure looking at everyday.

6. Watercolor Painting Print is a neat gift idea for the person who has everything

Have you ever been in situations when you need to buy something for a person that has everything? Especially if they are in their 40s or 50s. They are important to you but you just don’t know what to buy on birthday party, Christmas or housewarming.

7. Art is a universal gift for any occasion

You can present Watercolor Painting Print on Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and any other special occasion.

That is why we think art is a perfect gift. We are glad to encourage people to buy more art also.


Watercolor Painting from Photo

If you are looking for a really special gift to a loved one, parents, friend or a colleague, Watercolor Painting from Photo could became a sentimental and practical pick for you.

It is now much easier than ever to give pieces of exquisiteness as gifts to show someone that you genuinely care about them.

Most loved ideas of Watercolor Painting from Photo gifts

1. Wedding Watercolor Painting from Photo Portrait as Anniversary or Wedding gift

Watercolor Wedding Portrait from photo

More stylish photos you can find here

Watercolor Prints from special moments like Engagement are also very popular

2. Family Portrait from photo for any family occasions: anniversary, birthday, etc.

Family Portrait could be a great present to your parents as anniversary gift, or Father’s day gift, etc.

3. Custom Watercolor House Print as housewarming or anniversary present

Custom Watercolor print from photo

Make a housewarming wall decoration painting from your first house or your parents house from childhood.

4. Dog or Cat Portrait from Photo – sentimental gift with your pet stylish print

Dog Cat Watercolor Portrait from photo

Invaluable gift for pet lovers 🙂 Make a stylish art of your little friend

5. Landscape Print – a memorable housewarming present

Landscape Print from photo

Watercolor or Oil Landscape Painting Printed On Canvas could become a perfect gift for people that loves some places or are inspired by them.

6. Ornament or Abstract Art print as a wall decoration painting.


7. Painted Starmap print as a First Date or Engagement Anniversary gift


Watercolor Painting from Photo was an under-appreciated type of gift. But it has got such a power of personal gift, that the response from the person who received the painting will be just overwhelming and emotional.

Custom Watercolor and Oil Painting from Photo gift is something that’s coming from someone’s soul and you really get to let people know how important they are to you when you offer art as a gift.


Love You 3000 Gifts

Love You 3000 Gifts are a great way to show your partner how much you love him or her in a way that they can really feel it.

“I love you 3000” is a quote that originated from Avengers: Endgame. It means that someone loves another person a lot.

So, if you want to get good ideas for a perfect romantic gift for him to celebrate your special occasion, use this post as some kind of a true love Gift Guide. We could help you guys find something that would mean a lot to the person that you’re gifting it to.

1. Sentimental Record Lyrics Personalized Song print

A favorite song or a first dance song lyrics wall art will surely melt his heart! It could be unframed paper print, wrapped canvas, etc. Look here

Buyers reviews:

This Item is absolutely fabulous! I was excited to receive it in the mail and is far better than what I expected! Great for a meaningful gift to a friend after belting out our favorite songs for the last few years together! I will definitely be buying this again down the road for other gift ideas!

I got this for my parents for their 40th anniversary and they absolutely adored it. printed so clear. looks great

We got our first dance song (from our wedding) to frame and hang in our house… looks amazing!

2. Personalized Leather Catch-All Valet Tray – 3rd Year Gift for Partner

Your Partner will absolutely love this engraved 3rd anniversary gift. Losing the keys or some other small items will not be a problem anymore. Add “I love you 3000” sign to show all your love. Check this item here

Buyers reviews:

So I received this piece as an early wedding anniversary gift from my wife. I absolutely love it.

My order came in today and it’s absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to gift it to my husband on our 3rd wedding anniversary.

Great 3rd year Anniversary gift! Beautiful & easy to customize

3. Custom Photo on Wood

This personalized romantic gift for him, for your parents or friends is a uniquely meaningful way to celebrate anniversary, any special occasion, etc. You can add names, date, coordinates and make your favorite photo even more special. Here is an example

Buyers reviews:

My last minute purchase came out perfect. I needed this for my aunt and uncles 50th wedding anniversary. Had I not waited last minute I would have gotten some words engraved but nonetheless it came out just like I wanted it to

I got this for my boyfriend for Father’s Day he loves it and thinks it is perfect. I love how it comes with the option to hang it and it comes with a little stand and it’ll stand and the engraving on the back is perfect

My photo turned out beautiful on the wood! I’m giving it as a gift, they are going to love it! I also had a quote inscribed on the back of the wood, it’s perfect!!

I’m so pleased with this purchase! I got a photo of my parents printed for their anniversary and it turned out beautifully.

My daughter just moved in with her guy and it was her birthday so I thought this would be perfect!! This picture was when I knew she found her True Love!! They both love it and placed she they can see it everyday!!


Whether it’s Fathers day, his birthday, Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary, we have some ideas of an exciting gift guaranteed to impress. On any important occasion you will be definitely searching for ideas and we thought we could share some gift ideas.

Love You 3000 Gifts like I Love You to The Moon And Back Gifts could be free things from the heart that you don’t need to spend a cent. Or a DIY things you can create yourself. It could also be some kind of experiences things to create memories like journals, photo cards, keychains.

This article includes plenty of suitable ideas of “I love you 3000” personalized gifts not only for your loved ones, but for important people you appreciate and love, from friends to parents and even your kids and pets also. Hope you will find something that works for you.


I Love You to the Moon and Back Gifts

In this post we are going to share romantic “I Love You to the Moon and Back” gift ideas that really inspire your significant other. Are you searching for a guaranteed to impress personalized romantic gift for your sweetheart that say “I Love You”? Whether you’re shopping for your loved one, family member, or friend, we’ve got some cool gift ideas.

“Love you to the moon and back” is a metaphor to signify that your love immense.

What can you give him or her?
First and foremost when you are trying to be romantic it’s very important for you to think about your partner. Take in consideration their needs, their wants, their desires, what they like. If you are trying to be romantic don’t make it about you. You need to tailor your actions or your plan to what actually matters to your significant other. Very important for you to consider your partner’s needs first. And if possible of course do something that you will both enjoy.

Here are the best romantic gifts to express your love.

1. Personalized Leather Engraved Music Notes Sheet

It is definitely one-of-a-kind anniversary gift that is out of the ordinary. Such a gift is not only a lovely idea for the 3rd wedding anniversary. A framed leather print could also accentuate your home decoration. Add your favorite song, names and wishes. Look here

Buyers reviews:

Got this for our 5th anniversary together an it came out so stunning an beautiful. I love it an so did my partner he started to tear up seeing our song on their wall

Though we had to change designs, my husband loved this for our 9th anniversary!

Y’all this is so unique. I got this for my 3rd wedding anniversary that is traditionally leather.

Instead of having the actual music chords across the page I ended up with the lyrics in the shape of a heart. I am in love with it. My husband loves it. We have it on display and it was a perfect gift

Absolutely beautiful! My husband loved this and I highly recommend for anyone who is shopping for a third anniversary to look no further.

So happy with how this turned out for an anniversary gift to my fine. It is a great reminder of our first dance together and it was very well made!

2. Personalized Couple Illustration Print


This meaningful gift is a cute I Love You to the Moon and Back Gift on a dating anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion. Show your partner how much you love. Visit the shop

Look what customers added:

This was absolutely stunning, not sure if I picked the right hair colors but overall it’s so cute and it’s something that I think will be a lovely Christmas gift.

Amazing print for my bother and sister in law that are about to move into their first home!

Absolutely beautiful picture! My partner loved this for our anniversary

My dad and step mum was over the moon with the print

Took a while but I absolutely loved the final product!! Would highly recommend to everyone!

3. Stylish Watercolor Couple Portrait from Photo

Celebrate an anniversary or other special occasion with this romantic personalized, stylish, and memorable present.

Buyers reviews:

I purchased a watercolor for my niece’s engagement of the exact moment she was proposed to. The final product was absolutely amazing!

This is my FAVORITE engagement gift to get my friends, I’ve ordered it 5+ times. I love incorporating their pet into their engagement picture, and everyone loves having the art style print.

I ordered this as a gift for my husband for our 3rd wedding anniversary and he loved it! WE loved it! Can’t wait to hang it!!

It’s beautiful. This is a gift and they are going to love it! Thank you so much!


You want to get good gift ideas so you can get a perfect gift to your partner. As a rule, you want to show how much you love and care.
It could be pretty hard we know. Because there’s so many stuff out there and you’re not sure if your loved ones are going to like what you’re going to give them.
So how do you get the best “Love you to the moon and back” gift. Well, first of all it depends on what your partner and what he likes.

Let’s go through this I Love You to the Moon and Back Gifts list.

Here will be a list of gifts that could be engraved or imprinted with passionate wishes, signs, quotes, etc. Like “Now you’ll always think of me when you take off your pants” for leather belts or “Drive safe I need you here with me” for keychains.



3 Year Anniversary Gift: Leather Gift Ideas

Traditional 3 Year Anniversary Gift is leather. Here some gift ideas to express your love or to wish the celebrating couple many more years of wedded bliss.

The 3rd anniversary is an exciting milestone in a relationship as a couple, and truly something to celebrate. Finding a heart-touching gift is all it takes to show your love. Leather is an established third-anniversary gift, since it represents durability and flexibility.

A wedding anniversary is always a special day for any couple. Three years of marriage is definitely something worth celebrating. This day serves as a reminder to the couple of the reasons they fell in love.

Sending 3-year anniversary gift could be the best way to make your partner, or a friend, or a celebrating couple feel special.

1. Leather Valet Tray with 3 Years Of Marriage engraving

3 year anniversary leather valet tray

A leather valet tray, also called a catchall tray, is the best place to throw all the things from your pockets at the end of the day. It has a lightweight and portable design and can contain your smartphone, change, keys, wallet, etc.

Add a personal 3 Year Anniversary message and make a great gift for a celebrating couple. Check details here.


2. Personalized Leather Bifold Wallet

leather anniversary gift wallet

Leather minimalist style wallet is a great gift for him. Featuring 4 card slots, and 1 note compartment it holds the perfect blend of function and utility.
You can add a monogram, initials, and a special message to get a truly one-of-a-kind gift for the 3 Year Anniversary.

Get more info and price on Etsy

3. Monogrammed Leather Card Holder

Monogrammed Leather Card Holder

The slim functional design of leather card holder lets it fit perfectly as a front or back pocket wallet for him. You can add a monogram or a name to the one side and a text message to another one and make it a 100% special gift for him!

Check prices on Etsy

4. Leather Belt with Secret Message Engraved

3rd anniversary Leather Belt Gift

Useful gift for everyone. Add his or her initials on the front of the belt and a secret message to the inner side.

Check our article about Custom Leather Belts


5. Leather Photo Keychain with photo and message printed

Leather Photo Keychain

Personalized keychain is a great way to express your love and moreover show how much you care. You can add up to 4 photos and some romantic text message.

More info here


Celebrate the leather anniversary with a unique and useful gift.

3 year anniversary leather gifts