Do you need some kind of the Wall Art Size Guide in inches or centimeters to understand what size art you need for your wall? What size of wall art above sofa will be the best?

Here we are going to review the key rules for a wall art in your home. We grouped them into 4 categories:

  1. How big should a canvas be on a wall?
  2. How high to hang painting or photo?
  3. How high to hang pictures over a sofa or a table?
  4. How far apart should pictures be on a gallery wall?


1. How wide should a picture, canvas or any other art be on a wall?

The main rule of our Wall Art Size Guide is to make sure the artwork and the furniture below it are balanced with one another.

painting over bed

To create balance the artwork should be about 2/3 the total width of the furniture. That is how the visual weight of the art is balanced by the furniture below. If you have a wall art that goes beyond the ends of the furniture the whole thing looks top heavy and out of balance. Your table, sofa or chairs will be some kind of a platform for the art on the wall. The art could be one large piece of artwork or it could be group of smaller objects.


2. How high to hang art?

Now let’s talk about how high to hang your artwork.

Wall Art Size Guide

You’ll be amazed at how interesting your picture or photo collage becomes when you can see it right in front of you. A single piece artwork or a group of pictures should be hung so that the vertical center of the whole object is between 60 to 66 inches from the finished floor. That is eye level for the majority of people.

If you want to hang a single art or a group of pictures on a wall that doesn’t have furniture below the vertical center of the whole object should be at your eye level.


3. How high to hang pictures over a sofa or a table?

We want a visual balance between the picture and the furniture below.

photo art over sofa

We also need a visual connection between the hanging art and piece of furniture. They need to feel like they are parts of the same group, a part of each other.

Spacing between the canvas and the sofa or the table should be somewhere between 6 to 12 inches (15-30 cm). That keeps the wall art close enough to the furniture and gives you visual connection between the two. A wall artwork too far above furniture makes the two objects disconnected. It looks like they’re living in their own individual worlds.


4. How far apart to hang split canvas

Spacing is the next big question when it comes to hanging art, especially when it comes to hanging multiple pieces together.

wall art over table spacing

At first, keep in mind that grouped artwork needs to look like they’re grouped together just like that visual connection between the furniture and the artwork.

If you’re hanging multiple pieces together in one group then keep the spacing between each piece approximately 2 to 4 inches (5-10 cm) apart.

If you place them too far apart then you lose that connection between the art pieces. They become disconnected.

At second, when you’re hanging more than one piece together think of them as one whole unit. Treat them as one large piece.

Placing your group together check if it covers 2/3 of the width above your sofa. Maybe you need to remove some pieces, or move it apart, or buy another sofa.

Spacing your artwork is really all about keeping items together. So each piece has a connection to the other and in turn to the whole group.

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