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Buying the right size custom belt is not as easy as you may initially think. Want to know How to Measure Your Belt Size? We’d like to provide you with information to ensure you order the correct size belt.

For example, when you are going to buy your dad a custom belt as a Father’s Day gift, choosing the wrong size could spoil the impression of the present, so it is very necessary to determine the size before making an order.

First, please note: your belt size is NOT the same as your pants size!

It’s a common mistake to choose a belt size by taking your pants size and adding 1 or 2 inches. This method is pretty inaccurate because the size quoted for clothes could vary for different manufacturers.

What is the most accurate way to find your perfect belt size?

belt size and belt length difference

There are two proper ways to measure a belt:

1.       Taking the belt size by measuring the circumference of your waist

2.       Measure the belt that you already wear comfortably on your waist


#1 Take the size by measuring the circumference of your waist

Please note: this is your belt size, not your waist size!

You should have a pair of jeans (pants) on. Put your tape measure on like a belt.

waist size

Record the number where the tape measure touches and add 1 or 2 inches. That will be your new belt size that is equal to the distance from the edge of the buckle to the center hole of your new custom belt.

Extremely important: if you’re measuring your waist with a tape measure make sure it’s placed exactly where you’re going to wear the belt: not on your hips or too far up and not over clothing as well.

#2 Measure your old belt you are comfortable with

The best way to measure up your belt size is to take one of your existing belts and look for the hole that has been used the most often.


measure from buckle

You have to measure from the end of the buckle where the prong (tongue) hits the inside edge of the buckle to the center of the hole used most often.


most used hole of your belt

The distance to this most widely used hole is going to become the distance to the center hole of your new custom belt.

Please note no matter the number of holes you used before, you may look at length.

We hope this shows you how belts are measured. Once you know your size, you can buy your new custom leather belt with confidence and be sure you get the perfect fit.

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How to Measure Your Belt Size

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